5 tips for a perfect “dieting weekend” ~ ©Write your weight off Challenge

5 tips for a perfect dieting weekend - Write your weight off Challenge ~ The Mighty Women

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You know those days when you’re feeling a bit meh with life, and just lack the excitement (I won’t use motivation here, but in this case we could well say just that) to do stuff? the weekend has arrived and all you can think of is doing as little as you can, right?

I’ve always thought that weekends are for resting. Weekends are for doing what we like, something that has nothing to do with a routine, even though a little bit of routine is good to keep us on track, especially when we’re on a #weightloss “mission”.

When I was younger, in my teens and early 20s, my mother used to say that if people wanted to hide from me, they should go to my house. It was true, though. I was always out and about with friends, going to different places, meeting new people, doing things I liked and trying activities that were new to me. I was adventurous and felt free.

Fast forward about 10 years… I was working Monday to Saturday (until 6pm), in a job that was stressing me like nothing else. Can you believe that I lived half a block from the beach and when Sunday came, all I wanted to do was staying in and sleep? I was so tired, stressed and fed up that I turned to food for comfort. And to TV. I watched lots of TV, sometimes I went out to the balcony and saw the beach and the sea. I had a quick thought: I guess I’m going out with my book. I could go for a walk on the beach. So many times I just closed the balcony door (it had shutters, so it got dark), and went back to my sofa.

I guess my mental health started to decline. I’d lost the sense of who I was. I’d lost the exploratory, the adventure bug, let’s say. Things became boring, I got bored, and so I ate.

Fast forward another 10 years and here we are. I moved countries (twice!), I got married, I lost my mother, the weight crept up, and I thought I would never be “undepressed” again. I was wrong. Thankfully, an “angel doctor” saw the possibility of me actually being better. Good enough that I could be weaned off my meds a few months ago. Thankfully to the amazing support I get from my husband, friends and family. My mental health has improved enourmously, and I’m in a very good place in my life right now. Full of energy, and ready to take on the world!

Sometimes joining a slimming club or gym is not enough to help us lose weight ~ #writeyourweightoff challenge www.themightywomen.com/weightloss

With this amazing feeling of empowerment I decided to create the “Write your weight off” challenge, starting tomorrow 6th January. On a Saturday? Yes, on a Saturday, because why leave it till Monday when you can start to feel better today, right?

Question: Have you signed up for the challenge yet? Yes?? Well done, you! Nooooooo????? What are you waiting for, woman! Before you continue reading this article, just CLICK HERE and sign up. We’ll wait. Now go. Did I mention that you’ll get a FREE e-book, and a FREE mini-planner, and a FREE quotes postcards bundle? Signing up in 3… 2… 1… 

So, just picking up from the “things got boring. I got bored and so I ate” scenario, what I want to talk about today is how we get out of this “boring routine” we can find ourselves sometimes. So yes, we’re starting our weight loss challenge on a Saturday, and hopefully, your weekends will NEVER be boring again! 😉

When we are on a diet, and it happened to me as well, we usually start on a Monday, right? We go shopping at the weekend, Saturday and Sunday we eat nearly everything bad  we have in the fridge and cupboards (pizza, chocolate biscuits, ice cream, chips, etc). We want to get to Monday prepared. We prepare our lunch boxes, fruit snacks, weigh ourselves, “think” about following a workout routine (which, in the first week usually gets forgotten and left for the second week ~ wait, am I the only one?? *sigh*). Tuesday comes, we’re still strong. Every day: get up, shower, breakfast (because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?) , get ready to work, or get kids ready for school (or both! You superwoman! 🙂 ), work all day, get home, cook dinner, shower, and it’s nearly time to go to bed again… I’m in the UK and it’s winter here, so the days are short and it gets darker earlier. But that’s ok. You have your routine, you stuck to your plan, you entered your food on to myfitnesspal (or some other app). Great.

Saturday comes, and apparently, as if by magic, we think that, “oh, just today, it won’t hurt, will it?”. And “just today” stretches into Sunday, and on Sunday night you remember you only entered your Saturday breakfast calories…

Write your weight off challenge ~ The Mighty Women

Trying to lose weight at the weekend is bloody hard, right? What can you do, then, to start a perfect “dieting weekend”? Here are my 5 tips:

1. Plan your weekend ~ or at least part of it

When you plan your weekend, you have a near zero chance of doing something that you don’t like, or that is uninteresting, right? If you took the time to plan it, it must be fun. 🙂 Think about activities you like to do, things happening in your area, places you haven’t been for a while. If you have children, awesome! You will make sure they have a great weekend, and in turn, you will tag along! Let your hair down, woman! Have fun as if you were one of them!


2. Start with a perfect healthy breakfast

This one will have to be planned beforehand. Go on Pinterest and find yummy and healthy breakfast ideas. Get the ingredients the day before and wake up the next morning, put the radio on (not the news at this time, though ~ get your favourite playlist on!) and go around your kitchen waltzing your way to a wonderful and mindful start of weekend.

3. Get up, shower and get dressed

Honestly, this gives us an amazing boost in our mood! You feel clean, refreshed and ready. For what? The world is your oyster! The other alternative is hanging around in your PJs longer than necessary. It really doesn’t give your brain any clues that your day will be exciting, and your brain will think you will just slop about all day. Your brain needs something to keep busy and challenged.

4. Take up a new hobby ~ or an old one! 🙂

Sometimes we get bored, but we don’t really know what we would like to do. For a long time, I was kind of lost, not actually knowing what it was I liked to do. I’ll blame it on the depression talking. When I was younger I had hobbies. I collected stuff, I loved taking photos, I wrote letters. Think about things you used to like doing. Try to get back to it. Again, I’ll recommend Pinterest (isn’t Pinterest awesome?!). Create a “stuff I think is cool”, or “stuff I’d like to try”, or “stuff I think is beautiful”. Create a secret board. “Collect” pins of things you find interesting, and start from there.  Beware, though, that “Pinteresting” is highly addictive! 🙂

5. Get off your bum and go out ~ now!

Well, unless you’re reading this post in the middle of the night. In this case, take another look at the other 4 tips and choose another one. I need you safe. 🙂  But, really, if it’s day time, and it’s not bucketing down, open your front door and smell the world! Look around your garden if you have one. Look at the sky, listen to the sounds around you. I bet you feel like stepping outside, eh? What are you waiting for? Grab your camera and go (and lo and behold! You’ve done THREE of the five things you read in this post today! Well done, you!)

Haven’t signed up for it yet? Just click below and join us!

YOUR TURN: What are YOUR tips for keeping your

#weightloss mojo during the weekend? Leave your comment below.

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Founder of The Mighty Women and The Writing Shed Printables. Brazilian who married the love of her life (a wonderful Welshman), living near Cardiff. MA in English and Creative Writing. Way too many ideas for so little time! Published Loveandpizza.it and Mothers and Daughters, both available on Amazon Kindle).
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  1. Reply

    My biggest issue on weekends is not eating enough or on a consistent schedule because I’m “on the go.”

    I’m trying to prep healthy breakfasts and put together smoothies I can carry in portable cups.

  2. Reply

    My issue is actually stress eating – on weekends I am at home, and I don’t have to worry about it. I’m (ideally) surrounded by healthy food. However, I’ve fallen off that particular wagon. It’s time for a little decluttering, which will keep me quite busy.
    Alana recently posted…Coming and Going – Skywatch FridayMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Hi Alana!

      Decluttering is always good! 🙂
      Studies show that stress not only collaborate to making you want to eat more, but is also what can cause gain weight. It’s a bummer, really, isn’t it? Have you checked out our challenge yet? Have a look and find out a way to get into the mindset to lose weight: http://www.themightywomen.com/weightloss

      Take care,
      Dani x

  3. Reply

    I love smoothies. Getting more fruit is so important.

  4. Reply

    The hardest part for me is the planning… When I start, I typically just want to start! I never seem to have the right foods when it comes time. I just need to plan, shop, and then go for it! Thanks.
    Paul Taubman recently posted…4 Ways to Create Engaging Content for Your FollowersMy Profile

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