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Tried – and failed – all types of diets?

Can’t even stand to hear the word “diet” anymore?

Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt? Once? Twice? Three times and more? Can’t find the “strength”/motivation to exercise? Well, you are not alone! That was the story of my life… until I found out that sometimes the “problem” couldn’t be solved just by joining a slimming club or a gym.

Do you constantly feel you keep “letting yourself down” because you have neither the will nor the power to carry on? How do you get into the right mindset to lose weight? How do you identify what goes/went wrong, and how do you find out what really works for you? How do you create the perfect support network?

If you can relate to that, it’s time to join the Write your weight off 6-day challenge and give your weight loss a headstart.

We’ll answer all these questions and many more in the 6 days ~ includes worksheets and a one-week weight loss and exercise planner/tracker

Join the challenge now for free.

Do you want to know what the secret is to losing weight healthily and for good?

The answer is at the tip of your fingers!

With the “Write your weight off” 6-day challenge you will learn:

mindset icon

How to get into the right mindset to lose weight.


How to get in touch with your inner desires in order to find your real reason(s) to lose weight


Why and how we boycott ourselves when we're trying to lose weight.

hand with a heart

How to get to know more and more about yourself and get in touch with your values and emotions.


How to set yourself S.M.A.R.T. goals.


How to create a friendly and effective support network.


* A printable one-week Weight Loss Journal/Planner

* An excel weight tracker – all you need to do is to input your info!

* Motivational cards that you can print and send to your support network buddies!

* Access to our private Facebook community, where you can meet other women, and share experience and support. 

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