The Mighty Women Awards 2018 ~ Nominations

The Mighty Women awards nominations ~ The Mighty Women

Read later ~The Mighty Women Nominations ~ The Mighty Women


And then it’s Monday morning and your alarm goes off at 4.01am. It’s time to get up and plan. Plan how your day and week will be. Plan how you are going to juggle a full-time job with your dream job hustle. Decide how you are going to be strong and confident, and a kickass woman,  and still have kindness and tenderness in your voice and actions.

You are definitely not expecting to have tears in your eyes when you open your Facebook and get immediately attracted by one of the mightiest women in your lifetime. Oprah Winfrey is walking up to the stage of the Golden Globes award. And up there, waiting for her with a proud smile, is the sweet and also mighty Reese Witherspoon, holding her Golden Globe.

I mean, you had something else to do than to start your Facebook spree, right? But wait. It’s OPRAH WINFREY! I can’t NOT watch. Of course you press play.

And then, as she speaks… the tears, which in my case lately can only mean that I’m on the right path to something amazing. Tears are a sign, you may wonder? Yup. They are. And also the thousands of butterflies in my stomach whenever I think of all #themightywomen around the world that are still to be discovered and awarded by those around them; in their communities, in their workplaces, in their homes.

Who are they? Where are they? What are their strengths and why are they mighty and amazing?

This is what I want to find out. And here’s how you’re going to help me:

During the month of March I’ll be running a series of Mighty Women features: 31 days, 31 mighty women. They will also be featured in The Mighty Women online magazine!

The Mighty Women Magazine ~ Daniela Pesconi-Arthur
So, what I need your help with is to just let me know who these mighty women are! Simple, eh?

Who are mighty women: they are women who somehow support other women, and empower them, and help them grow and become better versions of themselves.

Add your nominations to the comments below.

What I need to know:

  1. Their first and last names;
  2. What she does/where she works (proud mum, teacher, professional, etc);
  3. What makes her a mighty woman;
  4. Where I can find more about them (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles,  a short bio, etc)


  • you can nominate more than one mighty woman;
  • you can nominate yourself
  • men can nominate the mighty women in their lives too!
  • Nominations must be entered via comment(s) to this blog post
  • Deadline: 10th February 2018

The winners will be featured in our March issue – and will have the option of being interviewed so that they can help other women be mighty too!

So, what are you waiting for? Nominate #themightywomen in your life/community/workplace!

* Have you been nominated? Awesome! Why not paying if forward and nominate someone too? 😉

Can’t wait to read about your mighty women!

Now, see if YOU can avoid the tears… Oprah Winfrey!

Signature ~ The Mighty Women




Note: The idea of this award came from Anna Runyan’s Classy Career Girl Network Awards. 😉

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Founder of The Mighty Women and The Writing Shed Printables. Brazilian who married the love of her life (a wonderful Welshman), living near Cardiff. MA in English and Creative Writing. Way too many ideas for so little time! Published and Mothers and Daughters, both available on Amazon Kindle).

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Founder of The Mighty Women and The Writing Shed Printables. Brazilian who married the love of her life (a wonderful Welshman), living near Cardiff. MA in English and Creative Writing. Way too many ideas for so little time! Published and Mothers and Daughters, both available on Amazon Kindle).
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  1. Reply

    As I posted on my Facebook timeline, Oprah killed it!! I am ready to vote for her now. And I love your idea for nominating other mighty women! I will start thinking of who I can nominate.

    1. Reply

      Yeah! I know! She’s amazing, isn’t she?? 🙂

      Thank you, Jeanine. You can nominate as many women as you want.

      Dani x

  2. Reply

    What a great idea. There are so many mighty women out there who need to hear how great they really are. Can’t wait to see the results.

    1. Reply

      I know! Me too! It’s going to be awesome! 🙂

      Dani x

  3. Reply

    Great idea. The women who are mighty but not in the public spotlight deserve recognition too!

    I’m bookmarking this site. I think it’s awesome.

    1. Reply

      Hi Kim! Thank you! 🙂

      Don’t forget to nominate! 😉

      Dani x

  4. Reply

    They don’t show many award shows where l live so l haven’t had a chance to see Oprah. Sounds like a great project on your hands :-).

    1. Reply

      Ah, what a shame! Did you manage to watch it in this post’s video? ☺️
      Dani x

  5. Reply

    What a great idea!

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Martha! 🙂

  6. Reply

    I really like the idea of your magazine. Why wouldn’t we take time out to appreciate amazing women and their achievements–shine that spotlight!

    I’m going to have to think about who I want to nominate 😉
    Rachel Lavern recently posted…How to Brainstorm Your FutureMy Profile

    1. Reply

      I know, right!
      I’m so excited about that. I can’t wait to see your nomination(s)! 😉


  7. Reply

    this is a really good idea! and i am going to shortlist the nominations so i can send them to you..

    1. Reply

      Thank you Vidya! I can’t wait to see your nominations! 🙂


  8. Reply

    I’m nominating Michele Marie Liddle
    Michele is a trained life coach, make up artist, wife to a service man and amazing step mum who puts her family first in everything she does

  9. Reply

    I nominate Valerie Martinelli. She’s a Women’s Executive Business & Leadership Coach who also works as a consultant to deliver equitable workplace strategies. She pushes for women’s parity and advocates for women’s equality. She’s a passionate disrupter and she strongly believes in helping all women rise together. You can find her on LinkedIn:

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