What do you want to accomplish in 2018?

   to be more confident and assertive?
   to love yourself more?
   to learn new skills?
  to become healthier and motivated?
   to become a better version of yourself?

Join a community of #mightywomen and make #2018 YOUR year!

Taking the first step is easier than you think:

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Hi there!

I’m so happy you found us! I’ve just recently found out that this page has been “hidden” on the website… So no wonder you only got here now. Tsc,tsc.

Anyway, phew! You’re here, and that’s what matters, right? And I bet you want to know more about this new magazine that people have been talking about and that brought you here.

I think the best way to start explaining what we are all about is this live video (ugh! Click on my “mega super star” photo below.) that I did in our group on Facebook, when I first announced the magazine. I say “ugh” because it was my first video, and it was so awkward to film (well, you’ll see for yourself haha) 

So, just in case you decide to skip the video, but still want to know what The Mighty Women is about ( I promise there’ll be more videos coming up ~ better videos hehe), here are the most important things you need to know:

  1. What is The Mighty Women magazine and who is it for?
  2. What can I expect from The Mighty Women magazine?

Ok, here we go. 

1. What is The Mighty Women magazine and who is it for?

The Mighty Women is an online magazine that’s innovative in purpose and content. It’s a personal/professional development platform for women of all walks of life who feel somehow stuck in any areas in their lives. It’s purpose is to help women develop/regain self-esteem and confidence, so that they can believe in themselves and reach their ultimate potential.

2. What can I expect from The Mighty Women magazine?

🎁 articles from expert collaborators in themes such as: 

personal and professional development 



success stories 



health and wellbeing 






books/films recommendations 


online courses

and so much more! 🎁

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