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Hello and welcome!

I am so happy you’ve reached us here and that you want to know more about The Mighty Women!

So, let me introduce you to my “whys” of starting this online gathering point.

Who are the Mighty Women?

Mighty Women are empowered, supportive, resilient, confident and believe in themselves; even if they don’t know that yet!


She could be hidden deeeeeeep down inside yourself, but the most important thing is that you CAN bring her up for air! And we are here to help! We are here for you. We are with you all the way. You can start your journey by download our “31-day self-love planner”.

What we are passionate about:

At The Mighty Women, we are passionate about adding meaningful content to your life, both via “a quote at a day” and bringing to you content that you can relate to and that will help you practice self-love and reach your ultimate potential as a woman – in all roles you play in your life.

What we believe

We believe you are unique.

We believe you deserve your love and affection.

We believe in self-care.

We believe that together we are strong.

We believe in delivering meaningful content.

We are compassionate.

We are passionate about helping women reach their ultimate potential.

We believe in making a difference.

We support other women.

We believe in your dreams.

At The Mighty Women we believe you're just like a firework.... And we're here to help you "ignite the light and let it shine" and to help you "let your colours burst"!
The Mighty Women's heart

Our Values

* Kindness * Integrity * Meaningful content * Compassion * Assurance * Confidence * Support * Wellbeing *(Self-)respect *(Self-)worth *(self-)love *Personal development *Fulfilment *********************************************** We believe that ALL women have what it takes to reach their ultimate potential when well and honestly directed and given the right tools and opportunities. *********************************************** We also aim to work with women minorities and volunteer with causes close to our heart and that share the same values and mission of helping as many women as possible to (re) learn to love themselves, reach their ultimate potential and rebuild their lives.

A few words from the founder, Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

Once upon a time there was a little Brazilian girl, who dreamed of being in front of a classroom (actually, all I had was a small black board in the back porch of my parents’ house) bossing people around and telling them to do homework (the people, in this case, was my middle sister).

While working part-time through  Economics and Law school (which were never completed), she discovered her love for words and for teaching, and graduated in English and Literature. 

Top left: My first “book signing” (circa 1982)

I first founded The Writing Shedwhose mission was to be the “go to” place for women searching for well-being, empowerment, and to regain their self-esteem and confidence.  It’s recently become The Writing Shed Printables, and Etsy shop where you can find personal development workbooks developed and designed by me. (Click on the Shed image to get 10% discount!)

NOTE: The Writing Shed is a real place, is in my back garden,  and it’s where I create!  Stay tuned to our Instagram account, and check out #MyStartUpStory series, to find a bit more about us.

Who is Daniela?

I’m a Brazilian who adopted Wales as “home” (and who has also been warmly welcomed by this wonderful country!)

One thing you will notice about me is that I LOVE to write. Man… I could just babble on and on all day. I’m not so good talking (I’m super shy), but writing… I was born to do this stuff! 🙂

I don’t want to give you my CV here (you can connect with me on LinkedIn for this).

I guess I am an old soul, a very sensitive person, who overthinks everything and everyone more than I wish I would.

Find more about me here

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